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Rehabilitating the Road

Cold milling is one of the first measures taken when a roadway or traffic area needs to be rehabilitated. The condition of the milled surface has a key impact on the quality of new surface courses, their service qualities and on the economical and efficient execution of the other construction measures. An evenly milled surface, […]

Construction equipment heavy loads, no roads

When it comes to moving heavy loads efficiently over rough terrain, there’s no substitute for an offroad dump trailer. These special-purpose vehicles can often be found working around the clock in remote areas. Upper Austrian manufacturer Benzberg has made it its mission to design and build especially rugged equipment for the industrial and civil engineering […]

Canal Construction Technology, KYB – Conmat

Water, one of the most precious resources of Earth with manifold usage affects more than India’s 60 per cent of population engrossed in agriculture. Dams and Canals play a vital role in irrigation and drinking, hence serve as water capillaries for nation. The modern infrastructure of India reflects through such constructions and a good water […]

Sustainable Infrastructure

Subhash Sethi, Chairman, SPML Infra Ltd. “We engage services of about 80-100 people every year” SPML Infra Ltd is a infrastructure development company with focus on sustainable development for smart cities, promoting access to essential services to all (water, sanitation, and municipal solid waste management). With over 3 decades of experience and pan India presence, […]