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AI is the next big thing

AI is the next big thing

Puneet Vidyarthi, Brand Leader, CASE India.

Adoption of IOT and newer technologies, Industry 4.0 revolution, Eagle eye telematics- GPS based tracking system, artificial intelligence, CE Rental business and Equipment financing are the new trends in CE, says Puneet Vidyarthi, Brand Leader, CASE India

Technology adaptation in products is the new norm. Elaborate on the technology adaptation in CE.

Technology adoption in the CE market fills up the construction industry’s productivity gap. Technology has always been a ‘Game Changer’ in economic activities. Automated and computerised machines are becoming extremely popular due to its real time applications. Some of the recent trends and advancements which have taken over the construction and mining industry are adoption of IOT and newer technologies, Industry 4.0 revolution, Eagle eye telematics- GPS based tracking system, artificial intelligence, CE Rental business and Equipment financing to name a few.

In line with its expansion plans, CASE always stays a step ahead to innovate its product line with newer and efficient technology. In order to take out the best advantage of the technology around us, construction industry needs to pace up and upgrade its RandD sector.  Technology integration is CASE India RandD team’s primary focus. IoT, AI, Telematics, Robotics and 3D printing are the next big changes being foreseen in the construction technology industry. These technology developments will have far reaching impact on the infrastructure projects and the industry. Below are some of the technology focused innovations in our products:

  • Compaction meter technology in Compactors range aiming for easier and fast job completion
  • CRDI electronic engines in Graders for on-board diagnostics, with laptop connectivity to download the entire data log and analysis of past and ongoing operations as well to get to the root cause of any failure that may occur during operation
  • Advanced Eagle Eye Telematics Solution, a real time vehicle tracking system equipped with Geo-fencing which assists in keeping track of Loader Backhoe. This solution helps in alerting the user about any kind of theft or unauthorised use of the machine along with device tempering alerts.

What are the steps being taken to improve efficiency (overall and Energy) in your products?

At CASE India, we understand that it is important for OEMs like us to have a commitment of offering operational efficiency to keep the productivity level high. Also, productivity of an equipment leads to better growth. Hence inspired from our global standards and innovations, we constantly work on technology integration for better output.        

Our recent launches are having technically advanced features – such as advanced Eagle-eye-telematics solution in our loader backhoe range which is a ‘GPS’ based system and is able to keep a track of the machine with the help of a unique feature called ‘Geo-fencing’.     

Skilled labour to operate machine at optimum efficiency and improved engine efficiency to minimise the downtime also contribute majorly in enhancing our solutions for better output. Engine efficiency is accountable for overall machine efficiency hence we use FPT Industrial S8000 engine, which delivers powerful performance and fast response time, in all our equipment.

What do you expect from Excon as a company?

This year we are hoping to witness maximum exhibitors, participants and industry veterans to network on such a large platform. Events like EXCON provide the construction industry with an ideal platform for networking, investment and the exchange of ideas and information. We will be showcasing our entire product range at EXCON 2019. For new launch and services, request you to please visit our stall OD75 from 10th – 14th December.

What can the customers expect from Case in Excon?

CASE will be showcasing its entire gamut of products at EXCON 2019 and we expect the same would draw visitor’s attention to our booth. CASE is planning some exciting launches in this EXCON but the same are under wraps as of now, request you to please visit our stall OD75 at EXCON 2019.      

Ending this financial year, the new green norms will be implemented. How ready is Case?

At CASE India we follow World class manufacturing practice. WCM is one of the global manufacturing industry’s highest standards for the integrated management of manufacturing plants and processes. Environment safety is one of the pillars of WCM and is of utmost importance to CASE India as well.         

As an OEM manufacturer we practice  following initiatives to promote environment safety      

–              Detailed risk analysis and preventive measures taken on shop floor.      

–              Usage of BS emission norms and efficient fuels for least pollution.          

–              Safety audits on shop floor to avoid any incidents.          

–              Regular tree plantation and adoption of water dripping method.              

CASE India always makes sure that our products have Zero defects. For this very reason we have quality checks at the end of every step of the manufacturing process. Until and unless quality check has been passed, machine will not leave the assembly line. Each step in the process of making machines keeps environment in mind, the waste is always reused and recycled.             

The first half of the current FY was muted for many of the sectors, especially for infrastructure. How was it for Case?

A sluggish momentum has taken over the Indian economy; individual sector growth has been affected and deteriorated. Continued delay in project awards and the overall uncertainty in the economy have led to a sharp decline in expenditure on roads in FY2020. However, with revival in public and private sector expenditure on infrastructure projects and execution of national and state highway stretches after proper payment to the contractors sector, we can hope for revival. The government is also trying to bring in private investments to improve the sector’s scenario. With realization of these steps taken to improve the sector’s financial situation, we can expect some stability in the demand in near future.     

CASE India has been in sync with the industry by providing our ‘Best-in-class’ heavy duty equipment range. We aspire to grow faster and ‘position better’ in overall product segment in the future.

Your outlook for the next three years for CE?

Owing to a number of factors including NBFC crises, elections and extended monsoons, construction equipment sector is moving slowly however it is moving steadily. For now, we at CASE are recalibrating our plans, according to the demand. We expect that the impact of recent measures announced to re-boot the economy and infrastructure sector will be visible in coming months. We also believe that once the current phase is over, we will have our industry booming, with maximum growth in volumes and investment.       

Infrastructure development is a key focus area for the government and with the existing infrastructure gap; the sector is expected to continue getting the attention in future also. Sustained infrastructure work will drive the demand for the backhoe loader but the growth is expected to moderate going forward and is expected to touch total industry volume of 50,000 by 2022.


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