‘Doka engages with its patrons at every touch point’

Keshab Chopra,
Managing Director,
Doka India.


Keshab Chopra, Managing Director, Doka India, sheds light on how world-class formwork adds to the building process at several levels by providing superior solutions to age-old challenges of construction


How do you justify the extra spend involved in shifting from conventional/traditional products to yours.

Today cost isn’t the central factor for picking formwork frameworks; rather, it is the blend of right arrangements, most recent innovation and right experts for overseeing pre to post-deal process commitment amid the whole venture time frame.

With an expanding pace of the development and infrastructural advancement in the nation, builders & developers are opening up and moving to arrangements that convey quicker, more secure and effective results.

We always aim to deliver value to our clients. We particularly strive to bring clarity and improve efficiency and effectiveness by educating stakeholders about the significance of formwork and scaffolding systems.

Do you have a product or products that can be termed disruptively innovative?

The differentiating factor for DOKA is its engineering competence and the experience in the formwork space globally. DOKA has been in the formwork business for over seven decades and has a rich experience with all kinds of structures across the world. We have a wide range of applications from formwork to scaffolding solutions such as wall formwork, slab formwork, and climbing formwork. At Doka,we focusnot only on products but also pay attention on the construction processes to provide unique solutions like ‘Concremote’ that empowerour customers to understand how concrete behaves while it is cast, by being a partner in the concreting process. We persistently prepare our solutions to answer the questions like:

How can our customers achieve more with fewer expenditures? Which detail can be optimized, which formwork service provides cost savings?

We continuously work in cooperation with our customers to develop innovative solutions.


How does your product save costs for the developer and the end-user?

We offer customized solutions as per client’s requirements and give careful consideration to detail while developing our systems as well as components.From product development to processes, we keep in mind our customers’ requirementsto offer a substantial solutionand design application services by our global engineering services.

We focus on providing onsite technical support to the projects team, which ensures timely, faster and safer installations as well as the functioning of formwork and scaffolding solutions.

We ensure safety and quality in our systems along with an ease of system applications at the project sites. Our formwork technology is optimised in every detail. Therefore, it requires minimal commissioning quantities of formwork; this enables complete control of costs as well.  Our systems bring in the highest level of safety and quality that leads to enhanced speed of project execution, resulting in cost saving. Our systems are extremely reliable and some of our customers have been able to use them for over 20 years.


What new solutions to old construction problems does your product or service provide?

In construction industry quality, speed and time is paramount. There has been an acceptance and a reasonable shift on the part of builders and developers from traditional to system formworks solutions due to its speed, scope for higher repetitions, cost effectiveness and freedom from the hazards of using unskilled workers.

We offer a wide range of applications from formwork to scaffolding solutions such as core, wall, floor, slab, and climbing formwork.  Our offerings and our approach enables us to engage with our client from the inception of the project itself and offer the best solutions to satisfy their requirements. Doka engages with its patrons at every touch point beginning fromselecting the highly skilled professionals, by making its systems quality compliant with the International quality standards as well as offering attractive models. Doka continually endeavors to match our customer’s proximity to ensure high availability as well as flexible and fast delivery to construction sites.


What new trends do you see in your field of specialization in the next 5 years?

India has to be seen from a long-term strategic perspective. India has a stable democracy, a 1 billion population with strong demographics. The future in India is going to be bright for the next 20 years.  The construction industry is an essential sector as it makes a significant contribution to the country’s GDP.

The demand for housing and infrastructure will continue to rise, and hence we are here to stay and support the market growth in the country. The growth of this industry is a deliberate and managed process by various parties and therefore we have a role to play in order to contribute in this growth journey.

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