‘KSB offers cellar to ceiling solutions for buildings’

Yagnesh Buch,
Head Marketing Services and Corporate Communications,


Yagnesh Buch, Head Marketing Services and Corporate Communications, KSB, speaks on the role of disruptive innovation in pump and valve technology


The need to conserve natural resources has led researchers to investigate methods for conserving both water and energy in plumbing systems. However, within the plumbing industry, very little is known about water requirements and the procedure for estimating the demand for water. Methods used today in the design and sizing of water supply systems are based upon guidelines that were established many years ago, and very few changes have been made. On the basis of experience, engineers have tried to modify existing sizing techniques, but they have met with limited success even though recent studies indicate that most supply systems are oversized by a large margin, which is a waste of valuable time, labor, and materials. KSB has undertaken upon itself to address this important area and come up with some cost effective energy efficient solutions in this area that deserve wider notice.

How do you see your solutions for the real estate construction segment faring in the immediate and long-term future?

Vertical growth of buildings will generate high demand for high heat pumps that occupy lesser floor space that occupied presently by conventional pumps.

Major projects also pose major planning challenges. Integrated solutions are therefore crucial to success as they considerably simplify complex planning phases. At KSB, you get individual components for drainage, water supply and heating and air-conditioning circuits as well as fully matched systems – highly efficient and from a single source.

For decades, we have supported consultants with our experience and technical expertise. And we attach particular importance to finding the right solutions for the specific requirements of every project. We adjust our products to match your installation and its specific features and optimise the system with our comprehensive energy efficiency concept FluidFuture®.

But an all-in solution involves even more. Thus we not only use outstanding products to find the optimum solutions for our customers, we also offer the matching engineering and service. Our sales team is there for you with expert advice – right from the outset, KSB STD products offered to these segments are well-prepared with required product basket of vertical inline pumps and multi-outlet fire pumps too.

As KSB is dealing in all different segments, we have an advantage over our competitors to support the customer with a variety of pumps types which are not normally used by the building segment.

As ground water levels are going deeper and deeper by the day, demand for borehole pumps with high stages is bound to increase. KSB has pumps up to 75 stages too.

KSB sets its sights high! Building services are a case in point. KSB Pumps and Valves are the heart of numerous hot water, heating, air-conditioning, and drinking water and wastewater systems in domestic and commercial buildings; airports and Industrial complexes.

Automation solutions like the pump drive – variable speed system or the “level control” system make life easier in high-rise blocks, complex water handling, cooling and heating systems. And, if the needs are to drain cellars and pits; or to keep parks and tennis courts green – KSB is right there with effective solutions! Our solutions are designed to lower the pump unit’s operating costs.


Tell us something about the life-cycle costs of your products and if there have been attempts to reduce costs for the end user?

In the short term, some money can be saved by going for cheap pumps or valves but customers are now looking at Life Cycle Costs (LCC) of the equipment. KSB as a global manufacturer designs and modifies products to lower LCC. The factors affecting the LCC of pump is initial procurement cost, repair costs, and the energy consumption by the product!

It has been our constant endeavour to  introduce highly efficient products; thereby, reducing energy consumption. With better hydraulic designs, we are able to increase pump efficiencies of our products. There have also been optimisation of materials used for pumps as well as focus on the quality of components going into the pump assembly.

KSB is also investing in providing services to customer to analyse the operating mode of the pumps and thereby recommending retrofitting of pumps to reduce the wear and tear and energy consumption. This helps in increasing the life of a product and ebales reduction of down time and optimises the LCC.

KSB’s continuous push for better automated products ensures savings in Operating Expenses and Life Cycle Costs.

What green initiatives have you undertaken as manufacturers of products that contribute to emissions/ effluents?

Responsibility means keeping everything in perfect control! The Global demands for products is growing just as steadily for environmental protection! For this reason, our employees are committed, both to ensure maximum product and service quality and to preserve the natural environment in which we live.

Whenever and wherever wastewater and effluents have to be handled; you may look to us for first class solutions in areas like pumps, valves, automation, drives and systems with an impressive availability and economic efficiency for every application!

A green product can generally be defined as a product that, from raw material extraction and processing to use and end-of-life disposal, lessens its impact on the environment as thoroughly as possible.

The objective of green product certifi­cation is to assess the holistic framework and highlight the way forward to achieve excellence in environmental performance.

The certification system guides the manufacturers to position their products as green and eco-friendly.

The green products certification adopts a holistic approach based on the life cycle of the product. The certification system encourages the product manufacturers to implement green measures in all phases of the product like product design, raw materials, manufacturing process, product performance during use, recycling and disposal.

Following KSB products are certified for green product certification “EtaBloc”, “EtaNorm”, and “Movitec B” – all of which are also used in the building industry. Moreover, we manufacture asbestos free products, and all our manufacturing plants have OSHAS certification and our solar systems are in place.

Many systems run reliably but they also use a lot more power than necessary. The solution: efficiency optimisation with FluidFuture® in four steps. We look at the entire hydraulic system to achieve maximum energy efficiency throughout the life cycle. The optimisation costs will pay for themselves within a short period through the high energy savings that can be made.

The process and its four steps are clearly defined – based on extensive expertise and experience. This systematic and targeted approach ensures maximum savings at minimum costs. Perfectly matching the hydraulic system, drive and automation products as well as the piping dimensions can result in savings of up to 60 %.

We reduce the operating costs of the system by combining our expert knowledge with smart products and services.

This is our joint contribution towards an energy-efficient future.


How does KSB set itself apart from its competition?

KSB is known to be a “One Stop Technology Shop”! Today, from its 6 plants in India, KSB manufactures and supplies power-driven centrifugal pumps and industrial valves, reliably and safely, to address the needs of customers from the water and waste water; agriculture; construction and building services; general industries; oil, refineries and petrochemicals; and power plants, including super critical power plants and nuclear power plants. This manufacturing base is ably supported by a wide marketing network, comprising of four zonal offices; 15 Branch offices; 4 service stations; over 800 authorized dealers and 200 authorized service centers; all located strategically to support the wide geographic locations where our customers are located.

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