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‘our dealers are our extended arms, our face to our customers’

‘our dealers are our extended arms, our face to our customers’


Sandeep Singh,
Managing Director,
Tata Hitachi.


Tata Hitachi celebrated India’s 71st Independence Day in August 2017, by launching the Tata Hitachi’s integrated brand campaign – ChaloDeshBanaye Sandeep Singh, Managing Director, Tata Hitachi, shares his views

Could you tell us what made you select ‘Reliable Solutions’ the tagline?

Reliable Solutions articulates the ‘why buy me ‘for our organization.  Our prime focus is to deliver Reliable Solutions to customers depending on their job site requirement. As an organization, our focus is on providing solutions to our demand drivers in the market – infrastructure and mining. Be it in products, services or spare parts. The key to our growth and success in the construction and mining equipment industry is built on the foundation of our ability to understand customer needs and provide them the necessary equipment and support solutions to increase their profitability and competitiveness – what we define as ‘Reliable solutions.’


Tell us about your slogan – chaloDeshBanaye?

We celebrated India’s 71st Independence Day in August 2017, by launching the Tata Hitachi’s integrated brand campaign – ChaloDeshBanaye. Through this, as an organization, we recommitted and re-dedicated ourselves to the nation. Our belief is that our strength, commitment and passion will help us take the country forward.

From 1961, Tata Hitachi has been privileged to provide world class construction equipment to address the country’s infrastructure and mining needs: becoming a trusted partner in the country’s growth story.  We have garnered the rich experience of our JV partners to understand the pulse of our customers, provide them with best-in-class equipment and reliable and innovative support solutions to increase profitability. The campaign theme ‘ChaloDeshBanaye’ embodies the organizations conviction and belief.


Do you think your tagline has successfully differentiating the brand?

Success in branding is not just a matter of standing for something different, but ensuring that this difference is in tune with what consumers really wants or needs. Our aim at Tata Hitachi is to create a differentiated brand in the marketplace – one in which all products are on par – by delighting customers through a positive quality experience that goes way beyond a transactional one. Our promise of quality is delivered through our processes, our products, our after sales service and support solutions, our spare parts availability and range and through our vast distribution network.


What exactly do you want to project or tell your clients through the tagline?

‘Reliable Solutions “encompasses every part of the products and services we offer. Our comprehensive range of equipment include 2 to 40 ton hydraulic excavators for the Infrastructure sector, 45 to 120 ton for the mining sector and the ultra large 190 to 800 ton excavators for specialized heavy-duty mining. These products, amongst others, are a part of our latest EX super series and the technologically advanced Zaxis GI series.

We ensure that our products are manufactured keeping in mind our customers. We understand that today, our customers realize that they need to be extremely competitive in the marketplace – and to be competitive, they need to reduce operating costs and improve efficiencies. Keeping this mind, we have developed a two pronged product strategy – one addressing the value segment and the other the premium segment.

It is our customer centric approach, our commitment to continuous innovation in partnership with Hitachi that ensures that we are up to speed with the latest technology in terms of the machines and services we launch.

In addition to this, we prioritize our outreach to customers through a strong distribution network that aids in the servicing and selling of products. Our vast network includes a marketing head office, regional offices, branch offices and dealerships spread across the length and breadth of the country. Our dealers are our extended arms – our face to our customers.

Also, our comprehensive range of support solutions such as full maintenance contracts, annual

maintenance contracts, extended warranty, maximize the returns of the customer’s investment by optimizing equipment utilization. It also helps strengthen our relationship through the customer life cycle experience.

For our mining customers, we have introduced full maintenance contracts too: through which our customers can avail complete on-site management of machinery: our service engineers are placed on-site, we store spare parts on-site and provide them with a fully equipped workshop to address all their requirements.

We have recently launched our Used Equipment vertical and have inaugurated our Reman center at Kharagpur.


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