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Products are now 50 pc more energy efficient

Products are now 50 pc more energy efficient


Wilfried Theissen,
Managing Director,
Putzmeister India.

In an interaction with our Executive Editor Renjini Liza Varghese, Putzmeister India, Managing Director, Wilfried Theissen spoke about the market expectation in length.

In the wake of the significant budget allocation for infrastructure what kind of demand are you expecting?

Infrastructure development has been one of the focus areas in India since the previous term of the Government. The allocation in this budget has reiterated this focus. Construction equipment will continue to be in demand for the ambition to be realized.  

The construction sector however is yet to find an effective solution to funding and liquidity issues. While the Government has announced measures for banks and NBFCs, they are not expected to have an immediate impact on ground. Another challenge being faced by our customers is the delay in payments on Government projects. This poses a problem for the entire value chain.          

We expect the Construction Equipment industry to continue doing well, but the sector needs to find a way out of its present challenges.

Safeguarding environment, sustainability and efficiency are the three factors that are being talked about. your comment on how the company is contributing to the said three.            

Putzmeister is known for providing rugged, reliable and efficient equipment.
Safeguarding the environment has always been important to us. Our R&D team continually works on developing solutions in this area. We have developed efficient cooling systems to dramatically reduce the hydraulic oil needed for operating our pumps. We are able to offer 50 – 70% reduction in the oil consumed. We work together with engine manufactures to reduce emission norms, fuel consumption and noise lesser oil. Our Batching Plants are also equipped with environmental safety features such as a hood for the inclined belt conveyor and an airbag for deaeration of the mixer.     

Quantify the efficiency improvement in your products in the last three years.

For the last 60 years Putzmeister has developed products that offer higher productivity, reliability and efficiency. We are known globally for our ability and commitment to find the best solutions in the harshest environments and the most challenging application conditions. Our machines are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to help our customers improve productivity, safety, fleet management and preventive maintenance. We are working on introducing an advanced telematics solution, Putzmeister Machine Cockpit this year. Customers will get real time information of the machine from the jobsite, key figures like delivery rate, machine use and fuel consumption will be available for analysis, critical alerts on machine conditions and remote diagnosis will help implement appropriate measures and more. This will help customers further enhance the efficiency and productivity of their Putzmeister equipment.       


How valuable is the India market for you and why? Elaborate the company’s roadmap for India till 2022.

Putzmeister has been in India for 11 years now. Over the past 3 – 4 years, we introduced a slew of products like batching plants, transit mixers, plastering and screeding machines, specialised shotcreting equipment for tunnelling and mining applications, and high density solids pumps. India is an important market to us. We will continue to develop solutions most suited to the needs of our customers, and offer them our global expertise to enable them to focus on their core business, improve their profitability and choose us as their preferred partner.


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