The crusherbucket BF90.3 is crushing laterite rock for a building job site purposes

One of our esteemed client located in Goa, the South western coastal border of India, who are operating into the industry for more than two decades, are renowned for under taking big excavation and road construction jobs across the region.               

They owns wide range of fleets of excavators, backhoeloaders, dumpers and various road equipment. They hadgot an order to undertakeTunnel demolition job inside Adani Port and they were in need for a perfectsolution that will help them to overcome the unique challenge of crushing the M60 Grade Concrete and using the same as GSB in road work at the job site. It is practically impossible to install a staticcrusher inside the port area and transportation of demolished concrete from the port area to his stati ccrusher site and back to the port area was not only time consuming but also economically unviable for them.

Hence, to address these challenges they
started to look for an idealsolution in the market and they came to knowa bout MB Crusher. So they happily bought a BF 90.3 Crushing Machine and deployed the same inside the port area. They were successful in completing the job well in time and the end client were equally satisfied with the work.              

At present, they have deployed the BF90.3 to another job site, wherethey are crushing laterite for land filling. Indeed, they are highly satisfied with the quality of MB’s productas well as the after sales support received from MB Crusher right from the installation to maintenance of the machine and are presentlyactingas a referencecustomer for MB in the region.    

Focus on MB Crusher bucket

Perfect for on-site crushing of inert materials and the first one of its kind to be introduced on the market, the MB Crusher Bucketis a piece of equipment that works by taking advantage of the hydraulic system of the excavators, skidloader, loader and backhoeloaders to which it is fitted.              

Ith as many areas of applications: from building demolitions in general, to the requalification of former industrial and urbanareas to the processing of excavation materials, from the earthmove mentsector to road works, from quarries to mines, from environ mentalreclamation to applications on rocky soil.               

BF90.3 crusherbucket

Produced and patented by MB in 2001, the BF90.3 was the first crusher bucket to be made in the world. Designed to eliminate material friction in the loading phase and to resist even the most  difficult conditions on site. The BF90.3 is extremely compact and versatile and has been improved and strengthened over the years.Suitable for all crushing operations, even the harshest, keeping its performance level with any type of inert material.



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