‘telematics opens up the road to intelligent construction’

Ajay Aneja,
Brand Leader,
CASE India.


The boom in construction in the last three years has encouraged his company to advance at every step, says Ajay Aneja, Brand Leader, CASE India

CASE India has brought its range of backhoes some years ago. How do you assess the success of your backhoe range over the years?

Loader backhoes have been hugely popular in India for decadesand have always been the country’s highest selling construction machine. The backhoe market in the country has been growing continuously in the last few years and this pace is likely to continue in the coming years too. Clear benefits of using backhoes over manual labor and traditional methods and enabling more load, dig and doze productivity, security, servo controls and serviceability have contributed for a large scale growth of loader backhoe market.

CASE India’s PRO Series loader backhoe range remains the quintessential products for construction in Indian industry and the boom in construction in the last three years has encouraged us to advance at every step.


Telematics and machine control technologies has redefined the backhoe market dynamics. What are the latest telematics solutions offered by CASE?

Telematics raises the bar and opens up the road to intelligent construction. With its real-time information to optimize routes and increase productivity, control fuel costs, reduce operational expenses, improve driver safety, increase fleet security and on-board diagnostics, it has proven to be the most preferred tech-feature for equipment usage.

CASE India offers its state-of-art, an advanced Eagle-Eye-Telematics solution in its backhoe range. This telematics’ solution is a GPS monitoring system. This solution has a unique feature of ‘geo-fencing’ which means it will help the user to keep a track of his machine and will send an SMS alert if operates outside the desired area.


Is there any methodology to track whether the customer is actually using these features and getting benefitted?

Gathering customer’s insights on defining and improving the products are at the core of CASE India’s business. We ensure that a proper product or / software training is given to the owner to ensure best possible use of the technology available to them. We also have made the customers aware of the 24×7 CASE India eSeva mobile app where customers can directly reach us.  CASE India ensures that the problem raised is responded within eight hours and solved within 24 hours after the registration of the complaint. We also have our presence across the length and breadth of the country with an extensive network of over 70 dealers with 300 plus touch points to support the products with spares and service even in remote locations.


From the entry level solutions of telematics how do you visualize the future trends in this area?

Increasing need for drivers’ and workers’ safety and environment protection has led to the penetration of telematics in construction industry.  Telematics is the future trend in CE industry. It helps in numerous ways including monitoring machine status, improves profitability by eliminating unplanned downtime for corrective maintenance, identifying excessive runtime and engine stress leading to fuel waste and otherwise keeping equipment fine-tuned and ready to roll.

Optimized preventive maintenance is a huge benefit from telematics. Over-maintenance can be as expensive as under-maintenance and telematics helps to solve the bigger problem of tracking performance to make the best repair and replace decisions. Telematics also helps to solve the bigger problem of tracking performance to make the best repair and replace decisions.

More optimization will take place in the future, which will change the way telematics data is presented and visualized.


Could you elaborate on upgrades in your latest range of backhoe?

CASE India’s new PRO Series loader backhoe with robust, robotically welded two-piece structural frame design  and an advanced ‘Eagle-Eye-Telematics’ solution which is a GPS monitoring system are the latest upgrades we have offered.


From the design perspective what makes your range of BHL more fuel efficient, enhance productivity, and longer lifecycle?

CASE India has 770EX PRO, CASE 770EX-Magnum PRO and 851EX PRO in its loader backhoe segment. CASE India has also launched the entire seriesof customized only loader machine for all PRO Series modelfor the Indian market.

The CASE PRO Series loader backhoe is powered by FPT Industrial S8000 engine which delivers powerful performance and fast response time coupled with 8 per cent higher productivity and fuel savings of up to 10 per cent. The series is re-engineered from the ground-up to deliver industry-leading backhoe breakout force, higher loader lift capacity/reach and best-in-class cab visibility.

The new PRO Series loader backhoe has a robust, robotically welded two-piece structural frame design which results in great stability, performance and serviceability. For versatility in different Indian operating conditions, the machine is designed with heavy duty structures, tanks, fenders and rims. To give the series a muscular look, there is a dual-colour tone, with a mix of grey colour on the lower parts of the machine and power tan colour on the upper parts.

PRO Series loader backhoe segment is available in 76, 86 and 96 HP options, which customers can choose according to their requirements.


How do you assess the future of the backhoe market, specifically once the new emission norms are put in place?

Loader backhoe has made its roots in the construction segment, being the highest selling equipment. Implementation of BSIV emission norm will make sure that the machines are fitted with electronic engines and other critical components like ECU, SCR, special sensors and electronic
throttles etc.

We predict that due to long legacy and strong hold of the equipment in the market the demand will sustain. Also, with the new emission norms, implementation will further increase the demand of backhoes in the market.

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