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WIFI Anti-Collision Saves The Day

WIFI Anti-Collision Saves The Day


The inventors of WiFi anti-collision are today celebrating another successful installation. SMIE have been championing the use of WiFi for the past six years as a means to save time, keep resources moving and ultimately keep construction sites safer.      

A recent use case in Portugal installed by SMIE Spanish dealer saw ProSITE WiFi anti-collision used to resolve significant safety challenges on the Daivoes damn site, Portugal. The added complexity came from the use of two Blondin devices, being used frequently and operating within the vicinity of both tower cranes.   

Jean Charles Delplace commented “This was a very interesting installation and one that should have come with significant costs. Custom anti-collision solutions are by their nature expensive but here at Daivoes we were able to use a standard ProSITE system which kept the costs within normal parameters.              

ProSITE is the state of the art WiFi proposition from SMIE who have been tirelessly perfecting the system since its launch in 2016.     This has allowed SMIE to move to this point where complex installations and considerations can be managed in ProSITE, without custom hardware or software engineering.     

“The solution was beautifully simple” added Jean-Charles. “We had ProSite running on a tablet, that could be used by the Blondin operator to create an immediate zone between the two tower cranes, that already had there own zones and anti-collision. If a crane was operating within the zone, the driver would receive a message asking them to move immediately”.              

This use case further demonstrates the importance of connected devices within the construction industry and the use of WiFi as a safety enabler will continue to be championed by SMIE.



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