‘Our products are designed for very tough conditions’

Piero Guizzetti,
MB India.


Piero Guizzetti, CEO, MB India, says onsite crushing solutions are key to building faster roads in the country

How is your company contributing to the ongoing road expansion as part of Bharatmala project and other road initiates at the central, state and civic level?

Road contractors participating in the Bharatmala projects are aware of the geographical challenges in the hilly / mountainous region and the difficulty in sourcing of GSB materials for the construction of Roads. Considering that today, India is building little over 20 km per day and the same is expected to be doubled in the near future, sourcing of materials from the nearby quarries / mines and incurring transportation cost which is not only expensive in those (hilly / mountainous) regions but also consumes more time (which is of core essence) is a hurdle when we need to double the existing capacity.

Today, our customers have understood the value add that MB’s diversified range of products can bring and how easily it can mounted on any brand, model of excavators and/or loader. It not only allows our customers to get the desired output and supply of GSB directly at site, but also allows them to easily manoeuvre the fleet to remote locations and save lots of valuable time and money on the GSB.


What do you consider the primary challenges in skilling OEM operators to ensure higher productivity per OEM unit?

From our experience in India and across the globe, we have understood that providing proper training to the operator and timely maintenance of the equipment has a long lasting impact on the life of the equipment. We not only conduct thorough training at commissioning, but we also conduct refresher session for our operators at a regular intervals to understand their challenges, constraints in getting the required output and provide them with necessary insights on overcoming those challenges / constraints.


What innovations in your product range in road technology would you like to highlight for our readers in the road construction ecosystem?

Our range of products are designed to perform in the toughest of conditions and circumstances. We spend a lot of our resources in the R&D department to ensure that our products are well equipped to withstand the challenge. Our Drum Cutter series are designed in a way that either of the two drums can be independently dismantled. This has been thought of for those contractors in far off places and/or those entities that cannot afford any downtime. When there is an issue, we can easily replace either of the two drums as opposed to having to take the entire drum cutter set to a workshop for repair.


Will we be seeing you at bauma-Munich?

Yes, we will display our products during the upcoming Bauma Munich Exhibition. We will be showcasing more than 30 of our products at the fair and will be performing a live demo. In the past, we have had numerous Indian customers visit our stall.


In what way is your company contributing to the infrastructure plans of Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh?

We are well established in these countries, and brag dominant market share. In these regions, considering the terrain, transportation costs, travel times, MB products become the most desirable solution to work efficiently and in a timely manner. We are optimistic about the growth potential for MB’s product considering the geological structure in Nepal and Bhutan and the possible benefit our range of products offers to the contractors. Our products are best suited for the construction of roads in such challenging mountainous regions where there is poor road connectivity and sourcing of
materials is extremely expensive.

Bangladesh is developing the infrastructure sector gradually and the government has realized the importance of road networks. We look forward to helping in the overall infrastructure development of the country.


Are there initiatives you have undertaken in aftersales support that you would like to highlight for our readers?

We believe that aftersales support is the core part of the entire value chain in the construction and earth moving equipment industry. We at MB consider this to be a critical part of our success in India. We have a dedicated service team that is present pan-India and in most circumstances can be present at the site within 24 hours to provide service to our customers. We humbly yet proudly say that we have capillary reach throughout India with our own direct sales/after sales force to complement our network of dealers and agents.

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